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feeling a little creative?

We’re not just for kids and we’re not just for adults. At Maggie & Ellie’s we’re sure you’ll find something that appeals to your artistic ability. Check out all we offer!

Paint Your Own Pottery

Maggie & Ellie's carries an extensive selection of pottery that appeals to both kids and adults. Many of our items are in the $15-30 price range.  We are an all-inclusive studio which means the price on the piece is the price you pay - no additional sitting or firing fees. 

Once you have finished painting your pieces with our underglazes, we dip them in a clear glaze and then fire them in a kiln.  Allow a week before you pick up your pieces. The actual firing and cooling down process is approximately 25 hours.

All of our underglazes are non-toxic and food safe.  You may eat or drink off of any of our pieces.

We recommend hand washing to increase the life of your pieces. 

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An unfinished piece of pottery

Ellie Bowl before.jpg

After painting but before firing

Ellie Bowl after.jpg

Fresh out of the kiln and ready for Ellie to use!


Glass Fusing

Maggie & Ellie’s is one of the few studios in the area that offers an introduction to the art of glass fusing. Glass fusing involves using specially made glass that can be fused together in a kiln. The possibilities are endless. It’s not hard and can be done on a walk-in basis (just give us a little time to guide you through it if we are busy), or sign up for one of our glass fusing classes if you want a little more guidance. We try to offer classes monthly.

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learn to cut glass

Grab your safety glasses, scorer, running pliers, tweezers, glass, frit, stringers, noodles and start creating. You don’t know what those things are? That’s why we’re here. We’ll give you a quick overview and let you create.

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Make a simple project

This glass candle shield is a perfect project for beginners. Grab some glass and get to work. Remember to use a combination of transparent and opaque pieces. $25 includes an LED candle.

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get more creative

Our 6” x 6” glass fused bowls are really popular and offer the opportunity to have a little more of a base to work with. Combine different colors and transparencies to make a one of a kind piece of art. $30

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Canvas Painting

A little nervous to paint? Don't be! No talent or experience is necessary. We have partnered with Social Artworking, an industry leader who have pioneered an easier way of canvas painting.  Our canvas paintings are self-guided and not instructor led. We are always available to get you started and answer any questions you have about the process or technique.

Unlike other canvas painting experiences you may have had, we offer you the flexibility to pick the design you want on the date and time that is convenient for you. Self-guided 16” x 20” adult canvases are $25 per person and 12” x 12” children’s canvases are $20 per person. All walk-in canvas must be started two hours before closing time.

We do offer instructor led classes for adults who want more guidance. In addition to the $25 per person fee (minimum of 8 painters), we require a two hour rental of our party room for $40. All painters will do the same design mutually agreed upon by your group.

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