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Canvas Painting

A little nervous to paint? Don't be! No talent or experience is necessary. We have partnered with Social Artworking, an industry leader who have pioneered an easier way of canvas painting.  Our canvas paintings are self-guided and not instructor led. We are always available to get you started and answer any questions you have about the process or technique.

Unlike other canvas painting experiences you may have had, we offer you the flexibility to pick the design you want on the date and time that is convenient for you. Self-guided 16” x 20” adult canvases are $25 per person and 12” x 12” children’s canvases are $20 per person. All walk-in canvas must be started two hours before closing time.

We do offer instructor led classes for adults who want more guidance. In addition to the $25 per person fee (minimum of 8 painters), we require a two hour rental of our party room for $40. All painters will do the same design mutually agreed upon by your group.

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