Paint Your Own Pottery

Maggie & Ellie's carries an extensive selection of pottery that appeals to both kids and adults. Many of our items are in the $15-30 price range.  We are an all-inclusive studio which means the price on the piece is the price you pay - no additional sitting or firing fees. 

Once you have finished painting your pieces with our underglazes, we dip them in a clear glaze and then fire them in a kiln.  Allow a week before you pick up your pieces. The actual firing and cooling down process is approximately 25 hours.

All of our underglazes are non-toxic and food safe.  You may eat or drink off of any of our pieces.

We recommend hand washing to increase the life of your pieces. 

Dog bowl.jpg

An unfinished piece of pottery

Ellie Bowl before.jpg

After painting but before firing

Ellie Bowl after.jpg

Fresh out of the kiln and ready for Ellie to use!